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Open Source potentially offers unique opportunities for the Education sector, including cost effective infrastructure, education management and delivery tools, student tracking applications as well of course as the many thousands of applications freely available for students to use and learn from.

Common uses

There seem to be three main uses of Open Source Software in education:

  • Common infrastructure (servers, websites, administration systems, PCs, desktop publishing, no licencing restrictions and loads of applications available)
  • Delivering education (e-learning applications such as LAMS or Moodle)
  • Teaching ICT (learning languages such as Python, loads of applications available, and code to learn from)

Case Studies

See the Case Studies page for all case studies. 

Application listings

Moodle, LAMS, Schooltools, Plone, Joomla, and many more. See the repositories below.

Repositories for Software


Below are some excellent reference documents about Open Source Software in Education:




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